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RC Expedite, Inc., 9024 West Farm Road 112, Willard, MO 65781
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9024 West Farm Road 112
Willard, MO 65781
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Ask about our warehousing capabilities.  We can deliver and we can store
Ph: 417-861-8927
Let's us pick-up and deliver your packages in the same day.  Rely on us for your same day delivery needs.
Same Day Delivery
Allow our courteous staff to expedite your packages.  We look forward to servicing your expediting needs..
  • We have been providing services for Springfield,Mo. since 2000.

  • We can expedite freight to many Midwest  and surrounding states

  • We have been TSA certified for companies that we take freight to
    the airport for.

  • We are insured and bonded

  • We do warehousing for fortune 100 companies.  They email us an
    order,we pick the package(s) out of our warehouse,put RMA labels,
    packing list, and confirm order

  • We deliver it within 2 to 4 hours, within a 200 mile radius

  • We inbound,stock,and enter into database

  • We also pick and ship the freight via Fed-ex, UPS,and DHL

  • We conduct an inventory on warehoused goods every month
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