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Local Logistics
Allow us to partner with you to expedite your package deliveries.  
At RC Expedite, we are dedicated to delivering your packages in a
timely and efficient manner.  Rely on us to:
Provide local logistical expertise
Provide same day delivery
Recover packages from your warehouse and deliver
directly to your clients
Deliver your goods consistently and on time
We expedite packages in your area
We recover and deliver your goods for a maximum of 1000 miles
from Springfield, MO.  We provide service for fortune 100
companies and would like to serve yours too.  Let us expedite
your packages
Please call 417-861-8927 for local delivery rates

Go to our estimates page to receive a free, no obligation estimate on
deliveries out of Springfield.  Minimum 37.50
"there are exceptions"

We have been TSA certified for companies that we take freight to
the airport for.
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